Is School Board Cash Windfall Bribery?

SSS question


Ginny Shaver sent the following letter to No Wind Alabama and to the local Cherokee Papers this week. Please, read Ginny’s letter and share your own thoughts in the comment section below.


Have you ever noticed that every time an issue comes up that is somewhat controversial, whether it be new taxes, alcohol, gambling, whatever, proponents attempt to guilt people into supporting the cause by using children and money for schools.  So it is with wind turbines.

In response to a lawsuit against Pioneer Green being filed in Cherokee County, the company has launched a public relations campaign and announced a partnership with the Cherokee County Board of Education.  This is a transparent attempt to make it appear that the Board of Education supports the proposed utility scale industrial wind turbine project.

The company has offered $3,000 per year for ten years for scholarships plus a $25,000 match to be spent on technology at the Vocational School for a total of $55,000.  They plan to spend $40 million to purchase and build the turbines.  Do the math.  $55,000 is a little more than one-tenth of one percent of $40 million.  That is insulting to the people of Cherokee County.

In Sheldon, New York, Invenergen paid the town $500,000 to rebuild the roads damaged in the turbine construction, $95,000 to renovate a school building, and $20,000 for a walking path at the town park.

Some are not happy with the Board members about this so called partnership with Pioneer Green.  I only have one complaint, it is not enough.  I think they should soak all they can get out of Pioneer Green for the millions they will make from defacing and destroying our mountain.

Pioneer Green, we are not fooled by your attempted bribery.

Ginny Shaver



What is your opinion?

Click on the image below to take action and stand with neighbors for responsible and regulated industrial wind turbine instillation in the state of Alabama.

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